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Content Management System is it really for you?

Can you imagine a crowd of people, all different, but at the same time running for one Thing?
Question ‘WHY on earth are they doing it?’ seems appropriate, as long as you know the fact that only few of them really need the Thing.

Content Management System – is it a fashion, new trend, or a necessity? How is it for you?

Would you like to know whether CMS is necessary for you and your company? Do you consider establishing your own website and still hesitate over few issues, for instance over implementing Content Management System? Sacrifice a while – believe me, the decision is going to be easier after reading this guide.

Let’s start from a brief description of what CMS really is. In short, we can claim that it’s a tool for people who need to organise loads of content on their websites, and what’s more – the content needs to be constantly updated. It might be a good solution for websites when there are several authors of texts and some sections have their owners. The point is that you get a website with user interface which allows people who are not into programming to maintain their website easily. Therefore it is entirely up to you how often and when you’ll update your website.
Generally speaking, CMS gives you an opportunity to add photos to galleries, edit, add or remove any texts you wish – and all this without any knowledge of computer science!

STEP 1 – What do I really need to have a CMS?

The very first question coming to one’s mind is: do I need any special skills or qualifications to maintain a website with CMS?
Of course not!
The idea of Content Management System is to help people who know nothing about how websites work and let them update websites without spending hours on learning how to do it properly. Adding any kind of content – graphics, texts etc. has never been so easy.
If lack of ‘computer knowledge’ was the only thing dissuading you from investing in CMS – forget about it!

STEP 2 – Is CMS a good solution for you?

Read those questions below, discuss it over and over with your right-hand man, or whoever you want – make sure that all your choices will be the best.

What will be the purpose of your website? Is it going to be a simple page, an extended web portal or a kind of Internet shop? How frequently do you plan to update the content? Be sincere. Is it going to be necessary, or are you only dreaming about writing something from yourself from time to time? Will you write it as often as you plan now? How realistic is it?
Are you going to provide information, which needs to get updated almost every day?

If you’ve already answered those questions, and are ensured that frequent updates of content couldn’t be omitted.

STEP 3 – Obtain information

Take into consideration all essential information – how many people are going to add text, whether they should have access to every sections or just to few of them, do you plan to have a gallery on your website and so on – it’ll be a good idea to note it down, too. This will be helpful for a person who is going to take care of a CMS implementation. Undoubtedly some information is vital for implementing your CMS, due to the fact that you must have it done by somebody. That’s why you need to give this person more detailed information.

STEP 4 – Think twice – make only good choices

Try to think if it is not possible to place an order for a website without CMS, and then have it updated by someone from time to time. Check the prices for such services and count twice what’s simply cheaper for yourself – but be aware that freedom of changing what you want and when you only want is sometimes worth the money.

Remember – if Content Management System is not a requirement, you’d better invest the money in better quality website with more useful options for you and your clients, but on the other hand try to make good use of CMS as long as you know that it will be comfortable and convenient for you – your website’s visitors will benefit, too!