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It was a pleasure to meet Shahnaz & Siamma Khan and design the website for their new venture is the prestigious dating events company that organise events where professional singles can meet, for the purpose of meeting their ideal marriage partner.

Project includes: designing and devloping WordPress managed website, logo design, simple basket to order tickets online.

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Miss Shahnaz & Siamma Khan, Directors of Proposal and Stella

Anita has very skillfully managed to create the most functional, sophisticated and stylish website for our particular business needs that I could possibly have asked for. What is so reassuring about Anita Sadurska is that with very little direction from us and powered by her own powerful natural intuition and business sense, she has produced the perfect website for us. All my friends are impressed and commented on how the logo and design suit our professional image. In our specific line of business it is so important to convey the correct impression and Anita immediately understood and acted on this awareness when designing our website.
It is very obvious for any discerning professional, that Anita and Artur are no ordinairy web designing team and that they are very special. To painstakingly create a design from scratch that matches the clients needs so well suggests a combination of strong empathy as well as obviously outstanding artistic and technical skills. Throughout our association from initial design outline to draft and approval, Anita has been available whenever we needed her professional advice and technical suggestions. She has always generously given 100% of her self and time to our project and we genuinely feel very fortunate and lucky to have found Anita and would not hesitate to recommend her web creating talents to everyone. We certainly will be inviting our friends to contact her.