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I want my business to be online what should I do?

“To be, or not to be? This is a question”.

Now we can answer that for the business “to be” means to have own website.

Everybody knows that the website works for you 24 hours a day, with no holiday. Good website gives your customer all necessary information about your company, services and provides all contact details.

If you are thinking about new website at the first you should ask yourself why you need it, what is the main focus? Do you need static, dynamic or e-commerce website?

Static website allows you to appear online and show your company’s activity.
Dynamic website is dedicated for those people who need update their website regulary, for example for company which has a lot of new offers for their customers.
E-commerce website is for everybody who wants sell products online.

After you answered this question you have to find and contact webmaster (preferably us) and discuss your requirements.

At this stage you should also consider the domain name (the unique url for your website. For example www.sadurska.com) and ask us to register this domain for you.

Next step is gathering content for your website – texts, images if required, testimonials from your clients etc.

When your website is ready it needs to be located on the server (we can provide hosting for your website).

And… that is all! You can enjoy your website and share it with your customers.